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East Polk's Maintenance and Services

East Polk, LLC provides a wide range of services related to commercial and industrial boiler and mechanical issues.  Not only do we sell boilers and boiler parts suitable for a variety of industries, facilities, and operations, but we also offer maintenance and repair, as well as emergency services. Our service area covers all of central Florida which includes the following areas - Tampa, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Ocala and Gainesville.

Our trained and licensed staff is uniquely qualified to provide you with the expertise needed to overcome boiler mechanical issues that are holding up your operation.  Whether you require greater capacity, upgrades, or emergency repairs, East Polk, LLC is committed to providing the speedy service, quality parts and equipment, and exceptional experience our clients expect.

You need a partner that provides safety, reliability, and the speedy response that minimizes downtime when you contract for upgrades or call for emergency services.  East Polk, LLC can meet all of your needs, and our R-Stamp certification ensures that we are certified to work on pressure vessel repairs and that you will receive the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Some of the Services we offer:

The trained professionals at East Polk, LLC can see to a variety of needs where boiler installation, upgrades, maintenance, and repairs are concerned.  We offer the following services related to boilers:

Boiler Rental
Boiler Sales
Burner Service & Repair
Emergency Service
Hydronic & Condensing Systems
Metallic Repairs
New Boiler Installation
Steam Systems

East Polk, LLC is a State Certified Mechanical Contractor prepared to offer a variety of expert mechanical services, including:

Air Systems
Closed Loop Systems
Gas Systems
Heating Systems
Insulation Systems
Pump Systems
Steam Systems
Ventilation Systems

(as it pertains to boiler service or repair)

In addition to our regular boiler and mechanical services, East Polk, LLC is proud to employ an experienced welding staff to assist with boiler mechanical service welding, accounting for your installation and repair needs.  We support the following welding processes:


We also provide Several welding capabilities, including:

Carbon Steel

East Polk, LLC offers an array of piping services related to water, steam, and gas systems used by commercial and industrial interests.  Our piping services for new construction and repairs include:

Pneumatic/Plant Air Services - Chemical, Gas, and Non-Potable Water
Steam Services - Chiller, Emulsion, Oil, and CPVC

Our professional technicians are qualified to service, maintain, and repair commercial and industrial tanks, with services including:

General Repairs
Pressure Vessel Repair
Service/Maintenance Contracts

Carbon Steel

(as it pertains to boiler service, repair and installation)

When your heat exchangers need service, East Polk, LLC can clean and test your heat exchanger plates, as well as service and construct heat exchangers, air coolers, and pressure vessels.  We offer the following heat exchanger services:

Cooling Towers
Plates & Frames
Shell & Tube

The Complete Boiler Source

With 24/7 emergency response to minimize downtime, an expert staff of skilled professionals to address any boiler and mechanical issues, with access to a large inventory of quality parts provided by leading manufacturers, East Polk, LLC, “The Complete Boiler Source” is your single source for any and all boiler related needs.  Contact us today to find out what East Polk, LLC can do for you.