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Lochinvar Copper-Fin CB2067

This piece of equipment is ready for operation. Located at our facility, it is available for immediate installation and setup. We offer 24/7 service.

Mechanical Specifications:

Lochinvar Copper-Fin CB2067

Boiler HP - 50
BTUH/HR Output: 1,672,650
Max Working Pressure:  160psi
Water Connections:  2-1/2"


Height: 36"
Width: 92- 1/2"
Depth: 33-1/2" psi
Vent Size: 14"

Gas Specifications:

Type: Natural Gas
Inlet Connections: 2"
BTU/HR Output: 14: 1,672,65
Max Inlet Pressure: 14" w.c. Nat.Nat. G
Min Inlet Pressure: 4.5" w.c.Nat G

Electrical Data:

Voltage/Heater: 120
Voltage/Control: 24

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