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Boiler Rentals

East Polk, LLC has provided superior boiler maintenance, repair, and replacement services to Florida businesses since we were founded in January of 2005. In addition to the many outstanding services we provide, we're also pleased to offer boiler rentals throughout central Florida which includes Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Ocala, Orlando, Tampa, and other areas in the central region of Florida.

If we've worked with your company in the past, then you know we bring certifications, experience, quality service, and integrity to every project. We want to make sure that every customer receives the fast, efficient service needed to keep their operations running smoothly. Your time is valuable, and at East Polk, LLC we're committed to ensuring your satisfaction every time.


Boiler Acting Up and Concerned About the Down Time?

It is for this reason that we offer a variety of rental boilers to ensure the least amount of downtime when your equipment is on the fritz. The last thing you need is to put your business on hold while you deal with a temperamental boiler. Instead, consider the benefits of temporary boiler rental from East Polk, LLC.

All of our rental boilers offer superior design and construction and benefit from our years of experience in maintenance and repair. When a rental boiler is not in use, our trained and experienced technicians recondition it to ensure it is ready to be transported to your location and installed at a moment's notice.


Ready for Immediate Installation!

Every temporary boiler we offer is fully operational and ready for immediate installation and setup to work with your systems. We take pride in our ability to offer this convenient solution to our clients as just one facet in our ever-expanding catalog of services.

Check out our Boiler Rental Equipment

Kewanee Classic III    |   Lochinvar Copper-Fin   |   Superior Boiler Works Hot Water Boiler 100 BoHP


Reasons For Needing a Temporary Boiler Rental?

There are any number of reasons why your commercial or industrial operation might require a temporary boiler. Perhaps you've suffered an emergency outage where your equipment simply stops working due to age, disrepair, or unknown factors.

Maybe your area has recently experienced a natural disaster that left you without a working boiler. It could be that your down time is no surprise if you're undergoing a planned shutdown or you've elected to expand your operations. Or perhaps your business simply requires greater capacity on a seasonal basis.


We're Here to Help -- Emergency Response!

Whatever your needs, East Polk, LLC is prepared to help you weather the storm by offering not only maintenance and repair services, but also emergency response that includes providing your business with the temporary boiler rental that will keep you up and running while your regular equipment is repaired or replaced. When you call, we answer.


The Complete Boiler Source

With a knowledgeable and accommodating staff, years of industry experience, and a strong commitment to delivering quality service, East Polk, LLC can solve all of your boiler and boiler related needs, including providing temporary relief with a rental boiler should the need arise.